OSSLT (Literacy Test) Preparation

///OSSLT (Literacy Test) Preparation
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On-Line Literacy Support Websites
and Resources for Celtics

If you would like some practice for the upcoming Literacy Test (OSSLT) please review some of the website links listed below in GREEN.

IF you would like to find out more, attend some help sessions, or to review your IEP ACCOMMODATIONS, please come to the Student Success Room 229 any time and speak with Mr. Boland. ( garry.boland@wcdsb.ca)

Literacy Test and Bus Information [click link below]:

St. David Literacy Test & Bus Schedule and Guide for April 10 2018


Please click on the links listed below to go to some practice and support websites.

Five PowerPoint Presentations:

Literacy Test Overview April 10 2018





5 Ways to Pass the Literacy Test

Try sample questions, view how-to materials, get instant feedback using D2L by using your GAFE account:
Just click...     https://wcdsb.elearningontario.ca/d2l/home/11737602

To see past test questions and exemplars of the answers, click

Student Assessment Booklets and Scoring Guides OSSLT Tests and Scoring Materials

Practice Materials:

Grammar Bytes! – Grammar Instruction with Attitude

Video Presentations with reading and writing strategies on YouTube:

Writing a series of opinion paragraphs to express an opinion.

OSSLT Prep: Writing a News Story.

Open Answer – short response.

Answering Multiple Choice Questions.

Helpful Hints – in general.

10 Tips for the OSSLT!

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