• Each Grade 9 student will take a combination of these courses:
    • 8 courses total- 6 Compulsory and 2 Electives (Art, Business, Phys Ed and/or Technology)
    • Course levels available are De-streamed, Open (O), Essential (L), and Community Living and ACTIVE Programs
    • For more detailed information click here (List of grade 9 electives with course description)
    • Choose your courses using myBluePrint through your “My Apps” page when you login into myBluePrint
    • Course selection deadline – February 28th 2022 (courses will be locked after this date and you will have to contact Guidance)

Headstart is a voluntary, value-added summer support program offered for FREE for Grade 8 students entering Grade 9. Although this program is NOT mandatory, separate registration for HeadStart is required.
This program is only available to students enrolled in our Catholic Secondary Schools each September.
Headstart to Grade 9!

Link Crew: Your personal team of orientation partners!

At St. David, we pride ourselves in doing what we can to support our students.

  1. Teachers and staff contacts [please click  on this link to go to a staff list on the website].
  2. Guidance Grade 8 Welcome Video
  3. SST (Student Success Teachers)  What do we do?
  4. Special Education – Special Education Information 
  5. Nutrition for learning
    At St. David, we believe that a healthy breakfast is a good way to give your brain fuel for the day!  In Room 109, our hospitality kitchen, we have breakfast options available each morning at 7:50am that includes toast/bagels, cereals, yogurts, granola bars, fruit and juices.  To accommodate during Covid restrictions, carts are placed in the front foyer, off the main doors, with “grab and go” style bags that have food in them.
  6. Child and Youth Workers
    Child Youth Workers (CYWs) respond to the social, emotional and behavioural needs of students through direct intervention and consultation. They support, coach and advocate on behalf of students to develop social/emotional learning skills to foster a student’s positive experience in school and in the community. CYWs work in collaboration with the Administrators, Guidance Counsellors, Special Education Teachers and Student Success Teachers.  The CYWs help students recognize their personal strengths, next steps and together set goals to be successful.

Please click on the link below to visit the:
Chaplain’s Welcome
Press the Play button when you see the video on your screen.

For more information about the Chaplain please follow the link below.

Uniform Information:

Though you will be wearing the uniform to school almost 100% of the time you attend St. David’s, there are also some Non-Uniform days. Civvies days and Spirit wear days.


  1. Uniforms need to be clean and in good condition.
  2. Pants, capris, and shorts are to be worn around the waist. Shorts are not to be rolled up. The St. David emblem must always be visible.
  3. All athletic wear is to be left in the student’s locker and is not to be worn in the school at any time.
  4. For safety reasons, open toed or heeled footwear may not be worn in the Art, Science, or Technology areas.
  5. Uniforms are to be worn on all school excursions or trips unless permission is granted by the principal.
  6. No accessories are to be added to the uniform.
  7. Upon entering the school, all non-uniform items must be removed and placed in the student’s locker.
  8. Hats, toques and hoods are not to be worn in the building.  Head attire worn for a culturally relevant hair care purpose, or for religious purposes are permitted.


Spirit wear days occur every Wednesday.
Spirit wear is defined as Celtics approved club, team or event shirts and has the words “St. David” or “Celtics” or the school logo on them.
Spirit wear shirts must be worn with regular uniform pants, capris, or shorts.


  • Several times a year, mainly as charity fundraisers, students are permitted to wear non-uniform clothing to class.
  • Clothing choices must be appropriate for a Catholic school learning environment.
    Students are not able to wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts, short shorts, crop tops or bare midriffs, and no undergarments showing. Students will need to change if their attire does not meet these parameters.
  • School administration reserves the right to send those students home whose choice of attire is not in keeping with the above guidelines.

McCarthy’s Uniforms for St. David

Because of our COVID-19 situation, things may be different in September when you come to St. David.
However, here is some of our regular and adapted information for 2022-2023. 


  • Lockers are assigned and have locks attached to them. Locker combination information will be distributed with school start-up information in September and is also accessible through the Aspen Student Portal. 

Timetable/Class Schedule:

  • Students will be able to view their Grade 9 timetables/schedule by logging into the Aspen Student Portal.

Student Portal:

Extra Curriculars

At St. David there are a lot of ways of getting involved from sports and clubs to performances and service learning. To learn more click on the links below.

As a St. David Student, a Celtic, there is a lot to do here other than academics. This space is designed to show you how you can make the most out of your high school experience and make these years to remember.

We are so happy that you have decided to be a part of the Celtic community and we look forward to journeying with you.


Clubs and Activities 

Student Council [SAC]



What you need to Graduate

    1. 30 credits – learn more at this link: What you need to graduate!
    2. 40 Hours of Community Service – FYI – Grade 8s can begin to do their hours starting July 1st.
      Links to both the Volunteer Action Centre and SPARK Ontario
    3. Completion of the Literacy Test (written in Grade 10)-preparation will take place in Grade 10.

Registration – NON-WCDSB Schools

If you have a child in Grade 8 who is not currently attending one of our WCDSB Elementary Schools, we would be happy to help you register your child at St. David.  

STEP #1 – Online Registration Process

After reviewing the Online Registration Parent Process Instructions, complete the Online Registration at
Upload Necessary Documents:

  • Proof of Home Address (one of: Utility Bill, Property Tax Bill, Cable/Phone/Internet Bill, Purchase/Rental/Lease Agreement, Bank Document)
  • Child’s Proof of Age and Legal name (one of: Birth Certificate, Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad, Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Record of Landing)
  • If you have not lived in Canada for more than 4 years, upload one of: confirmation of Permanent Residence, Refugee Claimant, Permanent Resident Card, Study Permit/Visa, Work Permit/Visa

STEP #2 – Course Selection

If you have any questions, please contact the school.
Thank you very much for considering St. David Catholic Secondary School.

Do you have a Question?

Please give the school a call at 519 885 1340, press 0 to talk with the Main Office. Thank you.

St. David is the best, small high school in Waterloo!


Come for a visit – stay for 4 years!


You will be part of the community the minute you step in our front door!

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