For more information about this fantastic program please go to the WCDSB Website where you will find a lot of detailed information and facts about the program.

If you have any questions about UCEP please book an appointment with your Guidance counsellor.


Program Information

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board offers the University Cooperative Education Program (UCEP) in partnership with St. Jerome’s University, University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University.

This program provides students who have achieved high academic success to experience university life before leaving secondary school.  In this program, students can earn a university credit, one or two Grade 12 secondary school credits (taught by secondary school teachers at the university), and two Co-op credits

Why participate in UCEP?

UCEP enables students to:

  • experience a transitional program from secondary school to university
  • explore an area of study in a university environment and plan future educational paths
  • establish a wealth of knowledge beneficial for future academic endeavours (post-secondary studies, university applications, scholarships)
  • enhance personal growth and life skills (time management, communication, teamwork and employability skills)

Students are responsible for their own transportation to the university campus, tuition and text book costs.

UCEP students are considered part-time university students and therefore have all of the same privileges and responsibilities.  To be successful in this program, students need to be independent and self-motivated.