Today, we are a vibrant high school in Waterloo, Ontario but we began in August of 1965, when ground was broken and the construction of St. David Junior High began. The school officially opened in January, 1966, and thus began the history and tradition of excellence that we know today. Included in the original plans was the expansion to a secondary school. St. David Catholic Secondary School was officially opened on November 29th, 1992.
Since 2003 we have seen continued expansion of our school, including: a Hospitality and Foods professional kitchen, the addition of four new classrooms, renovated Science classrooms, a Hairstyling and Aesthetics lab, upgrades to our triple gymnasium, and the addition of a world-class track & field facility complete with an
artificial turf field.

St. David Catholic Secondary School continues to have a fantastic academic reputation. Our grads are accepted by top colleges and universities in Canada, the United States and Europe. St. David offers Advanced Placement courses in Biology, English and Mathematics, with others being considered for the near future. Our Special Education department provides extensive support for many students on IEPs in all areas, including: gifted, ACTIVE and Community Living.
Academics are paramount at St. David, and to that end we have implemented several Student Support programs to assist all students in the achievement of their credits for the purpose of secondary school graduation. And St. David is all about the Arts, clubs, groups, competitions, events, sports, contests and Student Council activities that take place at St. David in support of a balanced, well-rounded Catholic education. We believe that an excellent school, a strong academic tradition, and a caring environment combined with CELTIC pride are prime conditions in offering a quality, faith-based secondary school education in Waterloo.

Please come and visit us for a tour of the school.