Hi Celtic parents and guardians

As many parents are already aware, after 3 incredible years, these are my final days and weeks at St. David as your Principal.

Effective September 1 I will assume the role of Principal at St. Mary’s High School.

To say that I enjoyed my time at St. David would be an understatement. Celtics students are gifts from God that have made my time at St. David so memorable. I have been thanked for being friendly in the halls, for being visible at events, for my support no matter the time.

But in reality I should thank Celtics for their efforts and determination to make the school what it is – incredible.

Countless visits to classrooms confirmed the obvious: learning is occurring all the time in an atmosphere that is engaging, fun and secure. Standing on the sidelines or freezing in an arena were worth it, win, lose or tie. Our Arts, Tech, and other extra-curricular teams and clubs reflect the passion the student body has in maximizing their education. I am happy to have helped in that endeavour.

I wish all graduating Celtics, all incoming Celtics and all Celtics in between, the best as they continue to learn and grow. For those at the school next year, Mr. Patrick Eby will be your Principal. He is super-pumped (I recall describing myself as that 3 years ago) to come to St. David.

Once a Celtic, always a Celtic!