School Climate Survey

The WCDSB has a Ministry requirement for schools to conduct a School Climate survey every two years with students, staff and parents.  The Administration dates for all surveys is from March 18th - April 5th.All parents/guardians are invited to do the Ministry Developed survey.   Since each survey is anonymous, using the St. David school-based URL [...]

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The Momo Challenge

Please click here to link to a letter for parents regarding some tips and internet safety advice. Some of you may have heard recently about an online item called the Momo Challenge.

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Smart Cities Challenge – Calling All Children & Youth: We Need to Hear Your Voices!!

Calling All Children & Youth: We Need to Hear Your Voices!!! Dear Parents / Guardians, Children & Youth…   We need your help! Last year the Federal Government launched the “Smart Cities Challenge”, a national competition that encourages communities to come up with innovative technology solutions to their most pressing challenge. The top prize is $50 [...]

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Letter to Parents & Caregivers – Opioid/Fentanyl Update

Here is an excerpt from a letter (please click here or on the link below) prepared for parents and caregivers with some strategies, advice and web links regarding drug use by our youth. "As we approach the holiday season, please make time to have conversations with your children about how they can stay safe." Thank [...]

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Waterloo Regional Police to Educate Youth on the Dangers of Fentanyl

Waterloo Regional Police Launch #TheNewFWord to Educate Youth on the Dangers of Fentanyl Waterloo Region, Ontario –  The Waterloo Regional Police Service is launching a new opioid-prevention campaign aimed at educating young people on the dangers of fentanyl. The campaign, entitled #TheNewFWord, sends a powerful message – that fentanyl is real, and it is deadly. [...]

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