Dear Families,

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board continually strives to find new and improved ways to become
Eco-friendly. Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, the goal of WCDSB and St. David CSS is to be 100% cashless and paperless wherever possible.

All School Start Up information will be completed through School Cash Online.

The YELLOW Student Verification Form will be the only document printed and provided to students. School Cash Online will be used throughout the year for other school related activities such as field trips, dances, sports, etc.

If you do not already have a School Cash Online account, please go to and register.  If you are new to School Cash Online, visit our helpful School Cash Online webpage  and get setup.

In order to eliminate confusion, please read all of the following information carefully.

The 2019-2020 School Start Up forms are MANDATORY and will be accessible through School Cash Online for
current students on June 1st and Grade 9 and new student Start-Up Forms will be accessible through School Cash Online on July 15th.

The Yellow Student Information Verification Form was sent home with students during the last week of May and MUST BE RETURNED to the Main Office or bring it with you to the grade specific Timetable Pick-Up/Photo Day.

The Yellow Student Information Verification Form should be updated as follows:
Reviewed, updated and signed by the Parent/Guardian
An Emergency Contact, other than the parent/guardian must be provided
All students who will be turning 18 during the school year will be required to fill in a separate form after their 18th birthday for continued parent access to records.

September 3, 2019 Bus Information

Grade 9 bus students will be picked up at their regular morning pick up times.

Grade 10-12 pick up times are approx. 3.5 hours later…

Routes are listed on the following slides.

The following School Start Up forms are accessible through School Cash Online:

Required for ALL Students – Pay the Student Activity Fee $50 (and optional $25 yearbook)
Required for ALL Students – Informed Consent Permission Form for Intramurals
** Required for ALL Students – Student Image, Video or Voice Recording incl. Media Use Consent Form
** THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED if you would like to be included in the Yearbook.
Required for ALL students with dangerous, life threatening conditions – Critical Medical Alert Form
Gr. 10 to Gr. 12 Students Only – Parent Consent Form for Experiential Learning Trips
Gr. 12 Students Only – Post-Secondary Institutions Disclosure of Information Consent Form
Gr. 9 and New Students Only – Responsible Use of Technology & Electronic Data Access Form

READ ONLY—these documents are not posted on School Cash Online but are available for you to read for your information.
APC023- Student Personal Information, Collection/Use/Disclosure Notice – READ ONLY
* Violence Threat Risk Assessment Link READ ONLY
* Student Handbook will be updated through the summer and posted under the ‘Parent’ tab

Timetable Pick-Up & Photo Days

August 28 – Timetable Pick Up/Photo Day for Grade 9 & 10 (9am – Noon)
August 29 –  Timetable Pick Up/Photo Day for Grade 11 & 12 (9am – Noon)

  • You MUST have already returned OR bring the completed Student Information Verification Form and MUST have completed the required School Start-Up forms through School Cash Online in advance in order to obtain a timetable. A check list of the mandatory forms is on the last page of this document.
  • Photos will be taken on these days. Students are asked to wear a uniform shirt for their school picture.  This is the opportunity to have the students photo taken for the Student Card and to order a set of photos of your son or daughter (optional). Cheques to purchase packages are to be made out to Lifetouch. Lifetouch photo information packages will be available. Click here for details on how to order photos from Lifetouch.
  • If you are not able to attend the Timetable Pick-Up/Photo Days, please check in at the Library on the first day of school (September 3, 2019) The student will have an opportunity to have a photo taken on September 5th, 2019.

NOTE: Consent must be provided through the Student Image, Video or Voice Recording Including Media Use – Consent form in order to appear in the yearbook.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 – First Day of School

 Grade 9 students will report to the gym at 8:15am and participate in our school orientation.  Students will be our guests at lunch. They will then report to their period 1 class at 12:00 noon.  Students will attend each of their classes for a 30 minute orientation period. Dismissal will be at 2:20pm.

Grade 10-12 students will report to school at 12:00 noon and go to their Period 1 class. Students will attend each of their classes for a 30-minute orientation period.  Dismissal will be at 2:20pm.

Buses September 3rd, all yellow buses will run their normal morning pickup schedule for Grade 9 students.  Buses will begin a second run (3½ hours after regular times) for Grade 10-12 students to arrive to classes that begin at 12:00pm.  Regular departure routes will leave the school as scheduled at the end of the day.  This information is tentative. Please check for further information as of August 20th. You will need your child’s OEN number.  The OEN number can be found on the student report card.
Visit (under the ‘Parents’ tab) for detailed instructions on how to Login and Subscribe to alerts at STSWR.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

 Buses September 4th, all students will follow their regular morning pickup schedule.

Full Uniform Begins: Students are expected to be in full uniform throughout the entire school day including before school & lunchtime.  The complete Dress Code Policy can be found in the 2019 – 2020 Student Handbook (on the school website the last week of August) – please take time to review the information contained in the handbook.  Students will not be admitted to class if they are out of uniform.
The entire uniform can be ordered through our uniform supplier, McCarthy’s whose store is located at 44 Saltsman Drive, Unit #1, Cambridge. The store phone number is 416-593-6900 or toll-free number is 1-800-668-8261.


The Guidance Counsellors will not be available during the week of August 26th to August 30th

This is the process we will be following during the first two weeks of school:

  • Timetable changes are only possible if there is room in the newly requested course(s).
  • If a student is under 18, a parent signature is required on the ‘Request for Course Change’ form before any changes can be considered. The forms can be found on a table outside Guidance August 26th – August 29th .
  • Priority is given to students with incomplete schedules or require changes due to summer school and/or loss of credit.
  • ALL other requests will be handled on or after Wednesday September 4th
  • Requests will be done in order by the date that the ‘Request for Course Change’ form is submitted.

Students are reminded to follow their current timetable until contacted by Guidance so the counsellors can locate the student.


If your son/daughter will be absent from school, please call the 24-hour attendance line at 519-885-4352 the day of the absence. If this is not possible provide him/her with a written note the day he/she returns to school.

In the evening, an automated calling system will call to inform you of any unexplained absences and lates. You are asked to verify all unexplained absences with the Main Office.

If you wish to check your son/daughter’s attendance, please feel free to contact their guidance counsellor or the attendance admin. assistant in the main office.

* A parent may not give students permission to not attend class but still be in the building in places like the
library, washroom, hallway & sports field for any reason as this becomes a safety and supervision issue.

* Only school coaches and school event organizers can provide attendance validation for missed classes.

* If the student is on school property, but not in their assigned classroom, the absence from class will be recorded as a truant and the related consequences will apply.

How to check attendance:

Safe and Secure School:

A safe and secure school is the desire of all who attend and work at St. David.  The Waterloo Catholic District School Board has issued a policy and procedures document to assist students in helping create this environment. It is your responsibility as students and parent/guardians to make yourselves aware of school policies and expectations, and to seek clarification on areas you do not understand.  Our goal is to have an environment that focuses upon learning.

All parents and visitors to the school must report to the main office to sign in.

Community Involvement:

As part of the diploma requirements, students must complete a minimum of forty (40) hours of community
involvement during their years in the secondary school program. If your son or daughter is currently in grades 9, 10 or 11 this summer would be an ideal time for them to complete some of their community involvement hours.  Students do not need to wait until they have all 40 hours before handing them in to Guidance, please submit as they are completed.


Students who choose to participate in sports will pay a team fee for each team they play on. The fees range from $60 and up (depending on the sport(s) played during the school year).
There is also a $10 Athletic Banquet fee collected with a student’s first team fee.


No one can smoke including e-cigarettes and vaporizers, anywhere on school property or Board provided
transportation.  Students who disregard this rule may be suspended from school.

Communication Tools:

Follow us on…. Twitter – @StDavidCeltics and Instagram at stdavidcss and Newswire

Please go to the St. David website homepage and about halfway down there is a place to enter your email address to subscribe to our mailing list (Newswire) to receive news releases, updates, activities and opportunities.
Some of these events, such as fundraising initiatives, may contain a commercial element. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of each email.

School Cash Online:

Secure online payments for school activities

With School Cash Online, you can approve permission forms and make payments for school initiatives with your Credit Card, eCheque or Interac using the device most convenient for you.


Encompass Parent Portal & Transportation/Bus Information:

In order to view student attendance, etc. please follow the link below and select ‘Register Here’ to create an account.
Please use this link to access the Parent Portal.
Register using the email you provided while registering your children.


Transportation details for the 2019 – 2020 school year will be available on Monday, August 26, 2019.

Parents can login and view their child’s transportation details by going to and following these easy steps:

  • Click on “Student Login”

Enter your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN)

– This can be found on your child’s report card

– Numbers only, no space, no dash

  • Enter your child’s birth date
  • Enter your child’s street number

– House number only

  • Select the school your child is attending from the drop down menu

Please note: any address changes need to be done through your school.
If you are moving this summer or change caregiver arrangements for the fall, you should communicate the change of address to your son/daughters school before the end of the 2018-2019 school year.

You can also visit to see bus delays and cancellations, subscribe to receive e-mail notifications for late buses and closures and follow STSWR on Twitter.

Uniform Information:

Please review the ‘Uniform’ section in the current Student Handbook’  (found under the ‘Parent’ tab).

Uniform Supplier is McCarthy’s: please Click here for Uniform Information from the supplier.

Additional Promotional material (SALE) from McCarthy’s


The St. David Catholic School Advisory Council will be holding a ‘Used Uniform Sale’ during the Timetable Pick-Up/Photo Days in August. Click here for more details.