Alumni & Charitable Donations

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Welcome to our 50th Anniversary Alumni & Charitable Donation page.

  • Charitable Donations towards the legacy of the bronze statue of Jesus in the courtyard are being accepted at:
    • Please go to this website (click on the text)
    • And then click on the Donate button (or click on the image below to follow the link).  Thank you.
      Alumni Donations & Merchandise Donation.
    • There will be a donor wall associated with the statue organized by level of donation:
      • Recognition will be offered with donor names (or ‘in memory of’ names of loved ones) on a permanent display in the courtyard showing 50th Anniversary Celebration supporters.
      • The statue is entitled ‘when I was a stranger’ based on the scripture of Matthew; it invites students to sit with Jesus and will be approximately $40,000 to install – see the sketches below.  The courtyard has already been prepared and the circular cement pad is 20 feet in diameter and is awaiting 8 bronze seats alongside Jesus.  We remain thankful for all of your help to reach this goal.
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