Transition to Post-Secondary Education:

Pasted below is a sample of information directly from the Transition Resource Guide website.  Please go to the website for further information.



“What do you need to know before you head off to college or university? Learn about your rights and responsibilities, how to advocate for yourself, what financial aid is available and more.
Did you know the laws that govern accommodations for persons with disabilities are different in post-secondary than they are in elementary and high school? Learn about your legal rights, as well as what your responsibilities are, in order to be able to properly arrange your accommodations and advocate for yourself.
Students with disabilities will only receive accommodations at post-secondary school if they disclose their disability to the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) and provide appropriate documentation. This means that unless a student discloses and registers with the OSD, accommodations such as note-takers, alternate formats, and accommodated exam schedules cannot not be provided.”