ONTransfer is a service that is provided to students either in High School, College or University.  It helps students understand how to transfer between different programs and post-secondary institutions.  High School students are encouraged to research their pathways.  And then once you are in University or College and want to transfer you can still use the system to assist you.

Please click on this link to explore the transfer opportunities:  ONTransfer

Here is some information, with some links, copied directly from the ONTransfer website:

“ONTransfer’s goal is to provide information and resources to help students and potential students find their way through Ontario’s postsecondary system. On our site you will find our interactive Transfer Guide and information on how to explore transfer pathways. We can also help you to Find a College or University, a Transfer Policy or a Transfer Advisor. We maintain information about college-university Collaborative DegreesDownload pdf file and Post-degree Opportunities at Colleges for University Graduates on our site and we can connect you to the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) so that you can Find a College Program and Find a University Program.

Explore our site and let us know if there are other ways we can help. Please contact us with any suggestions for additional ONTransfer resources or for answers to individual questions you may have.”