Welcome to our Guidance Department at St. David Catholic Secondary School.
My name is Jennifer Nagy, Guidance Teacher [and Guidance Program Head] for students with the last name beginning with F to O. 

I am here to share with you some of the reasons why a student might reach out to their Guidance Teacher. 

Our role is to provide students with support with their academic needs and learning skills. We offer academic counselling around course selection through myBluePrint, career planning and Pathway planning. We also act as an adult advocate for our students if they are struggling with a class or perhaps how to ask for extra help.

We also support students and families by connecting to community supports and other resources that might be beneficial such as the classroom teacher, our Student Success Team and Special Education Teachers and sometimes our Youth Care Worker and Social Worker. 

In addition to our day to day role, we also have other programs that we run. For example, I am also in charge of our Advanced placement program and transition planning. 

You can reach us through the school home page under St. David Student Supports or by calling the school. 

Here is the Guidance Alpha for students this school year.

Kristen Dietrich
Student Last Names = A – E:  kristen.dietrich@wcdsb.ca ext. 5637
Welcome! I am a guidance teacher for students with the last name beginning with A-E.  I am also the SHSM lead at St. David.
SHSM is a great program that is available to you in gr 11 and 12.
I am excited to meet you all next year!

Jennifer Nagy – Program Head of Guidance
Student Last Names = F – O:  jennifer.nagy@wcdsb.ca ext. 5638

Karen Kueneman
Student Last Names = P – Z & International Students:  karen.kueneman@wcdsb.ca ext. 5634
Hi everyone!  My name is Mrs. Kueneman and I am the guidance teacher for all students with the last name beginning with P to Z.  I am also the guidance teacher for International Students, who come to us from many different countries around the world, including China, South Korea, Iran, Vietnam and more.
I look so forward to meeting you next year.
Our Celtic Community is a very inclusive and caring one and I know that you will find a home here at St. David!