Guidance Counsellors:

At St. David’s we offer our students the ability to meet with their Guidance Counsellor to ask questions about their courses and to assist them on their academic journey.
Below you will find the Guidance alpha division of the Guidance Counsellors and their contact info.


  • Kristen Dietrich:       Alpha A to I         –  519 885 1340 extension 5637
  • Will Knapp:                 Alpha J to L & International Students  –  –  519 885 1340 extension 5636
  • Karen Kueneman:    Alpha M to Z       –  519 885 1340 extension 5634

Administrative Assistant:

  • Erin Kelly:  –  519 885 1340 extension 5631

Testing online Booking for Mr. Knapp:

Please click this link to open Guidance Bookings for Mr. Knapp.

Please bear with us as we fine-tune this method of making a Guidance Appointment.