Report Cards distributed on Wednesday!

Students received their report cards on Wednesday morning during period 1.
If they do not have a period 1 class, the report cards were distributed through another class.
This would be a good opportunity for you to discuss your son’s and/or daughter’s progress and to look at what he or she needs to do to continue down a successful path towards the completion of the semester.

Of particular note, please look at the student’s lates and absences to see if there is any concern that needs to be address. Please refer to the article below.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact the teacher, administrator, or guidance counsellor of your son and/or daughter.


At this time of year, we invite you to reflect on your child’s progress at school. We also invite to you review the number of absences and lates your child has to date which you will find in the top right-hand corner of their report card.

We know that children who attend school on a regular basis are more successful in many other areas of their lives. Regular attendance at school increases opportunities for growth. We encourage you and your child to stay on the path to success because Attendance Matters. Please be in touch with us if you need support in improving your child’s attendance.

RED LIGHT: 10+ days absent or late

Please make an appointment with your child’s teacher to
discuss attendance as your child’s success may be at risk.

YELLOW LIGHT: 5+ days absent or late

Proceed with caution – if there is a way for the school to help
improve attendance, please contact us and let’s talk!

GREEN LIGHT: under 5 days absent or late

Stay on the path to success at school!

5 Things you Need to Know about School Attendance

The lowest performing students around the world miss more school than their academically successful schoolmates.
School attendance is critical to student’s academic success but more importantly research shows that low performance at school, generally leads to a more difficult life with less access to good jobs.
School absenteeism from a young age has significant negative consequences that can last a lifetime.
Research indicates that absenteeism as young as JK is associated with negative grade outcomes, greater absenteeism in the future, as well as, lower student achievement in math, reading and general knowledge.
Any student who misses a school day misses an opportunity to learn.

What can Parents do?

Parents can improve school attendance rates by helping their children arrive at school on time every day, following school timetables, locating sources of school anxiety that may make their children want to skip school and planning ahead to minimize absences.