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Students who enjoy learning new skills and knowledge to make healthy choices and to learn how to lead healthy lives will appreciate Health and Physical Education at St. David.  Throughout our many courses we emphasize the importance of Wellness and the important connection of Mental Health, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Relationships and Decision-Making.  Unique to high school- junior physical education classes are gender specific that allow females and males to learn separate while discovering activities that maximize involvement, interest and engagement.  Some activities students enjoy at St. David include; rock-climbing, yoga, pilates, kick-boxing, dance, self-defence, teams sports such as; football, handball, soccer, badminton, volleyball, basketball and ultimate.

As students transition from junior to senior physical education courses, there is a variety of options to suit student’s needs and interests.    Engaging courses we offer include; Fitness and Weight Training, Recreation and Sport Leadership, Exercise Science and an open Options course.  Unique to St. David is the Options course where students are exposed to a broad range of activities to build their sense of self, develop ability and to think critically.  Students choose activity options to customize the course to suit their personal interests such as; fencing, curling, water polo, climbing, kayaking, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, triathlon, outdoor education- hiking trip or canoe tripping and all sorts of individual or team activities.  Health and Physical Education courses create a culture for students to explore their personal Health and Wellness. As students graduate from our program they transfer the knowledge, skills and experiences gained throughout their years into their personal lives to become happy and healthy individuals.

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